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Every day we successfully change our mind in regard to situations that
affect our quality of life and such, and yet, too many times, we can clearly
see other areas where we struggle to reach that same level of success!
I'm here to help you through the conflicting areas you may be facing in
your choices and everyday life!
Change of Mind Hypnosis
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'Change of Mind?'
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This site is owned by: Rose Woodruff, WA State Registered, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Health Coach, Life Coach & Trainer
located at: 9330 Vancouver Mall Dr Ste 207, Vancouver, Washington 98662, Clark County (360) 356-4986
She serves all of the SW Washington and Portland Metro Areas as well as online clients.
I've already lost 35 pounds and feel confident I'll meet my goal!
I have a FUN new perspective around money and enjoy finding new
income opportunities in my life!
I have peace of mind and no more panic attacks!
I'm taking one step at a time, and, I threw something away and I can
live with my decision!
I can now go on rides with my kids at carnivals. I love it!
I have ZERO drug side-effects and now sleep like I did in my youth!
I KNOW I am successful! I just needed to see it in a new way!
Finally! I'm now a non-smoker.
After my stroke I became unstable while walking. Now I'm back on my
feet and heading out the door!
I'm no longer afraid to fly and can now visit my grand-babies!
My focus is no longer on a meaningless future. Now I focus on
positive things in my life and on my passions!
Meet Rose Woodruff, your Consulting Hypnotist, Health
& Life Coach with Change of Mind Hypnosis:

Hi, I am a Washington State Registered & Certified
Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of
Hypnotists. My office is in a central location in
Vancouver, WA right off of SR500 close to the Vancouver
Mall! Feel free to call me today to discuss your hypnosis
goals at:
(360) 356-4986
Praise for 'Change of Mind Hypnosis' from my clients' mouths:
I view hypnosis as a very effective tool
to assist ordinary people with ordinary
problems and . . . am loving it! In
addition to utilizing hypnosis, I also use
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
and EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique). As I've been practicing
hypnosis, NLP and EFT since 2009, I've
seen wonderful results for my clients
and look forward to working with you to
help you meet your goals at Change Of
Mind Hypnosis.biz!
Updated: September 2019
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